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8th Grade Gradventure

Congratulations to all the 8th graders who participated in the 2nd Annual Gradventure field trip to Universal Studios on Friday, May 5, 2023.

Universal Studios

This field trip is meant to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the 8th grade students who have continually demonstrated excellent behavior in the classroom among fellow students and with their teachers throughout the year.

This special trip took the students to Universal Studios, where they explored all of the thrilling rides and attractions. Ms. Stephanie Gaskin indicates that the students, without exception, spoke of having a really good time with their friends and with the chaperones. It might be known, among those who participated, that when the bus caravan arrived, Ms. Gaskin was seen stepping off the lead bus and dancing in the parking lot.

We want to especially thank the teachers and administrators who served to organize and chaperone the event, getting 8th graders signed up for the trip and escorting them to Universal Studios for a very happy memory that will be remembered, by many, forever. Ms. Gaskin, 8th Grade Level Team Teacher, again organized the event and recruited the other chaperones for the event. They included middle and high school teachers, and the Assistant Principals, Ms. Stone and Mr. Poole.

This trip has now become an annual opportunity for well-behaved, eighth graders to celebrate their accomplishments throughout their middle school years and make lasting memories with their friends. It’s a perfect and well-deserved reward for their accomplishments.

Congratulations 8th graders!


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