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Athlete of the Month - Morgan Drawdy

One cannot deny the amount of physical strength and mental effort it takes to continuously run for miles. Cross Country (or commonly known as XC) consists of running outdoor races over natural terrains. The courses are usually on grass or in woodlands, with occasional stretches of gravel paths. Endurance and time commitment are essential skills for a dedicated runner, like Morgan Drawdy.


Morgan began running Cross Country in 6th grade at LPA after her older cousin, who was a really good runner, inspired her. He ran for her current coach Coach Moore — who often made jokes with Morgan about running for him one day. To this she did nothing but laugh as running was never an interest of hers. Morgan ended up realizing that XC was the sport for her, and that she truly loved it. It no longer felt like a forced activity, but rather an escape from reality. After school practices also became the highlight of her day.


When asked about managing time across academics and athletics, Morgan responded, “I would say that although I was very busy with my academics, Cross Country practice, and soccer practice outside of school, I managed my time fairly well and did not struggle much.”


Cross Country has given Morgan the opportunity to make many friends, which she said has helped make the sport “ten times better.”

“I may seem outgoing to some, but I am pretty introverted and being around all my friends at XC has elevated my social skills tremendously, especially in these past few years, teaching some of the younger ones the ropes.”


Morgan values the patience she has learned from running XC because she has learned that progress does not happen overnight and that it requires much consistency and willpower. This being her senior year, she hopes to continue her Cross Country career next fall at the club level of the college she attends.


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