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Athlete Spotlight: Dillon Spooner

Swimming is widely known as a fun summer activity that many choose to participate in. However, for aspiring swim prodigy Dillon Spooner, this sport is much more than spare leisure. 

Swimming has been an intimate part of Dillon’s life since the age of six and ever since then, he has loved it. On the evening of September 23rd during the TOI High School Invitational Finals at Indian River State College, sophomore Dillon Spooner broke the five-year standing school record in the 200 yard individual medley with a time of 1:57.90, a personal best for himself, which ultimately earned him 1st place in that. Not one, but two personal bests were set that evening for Spooner. Few seconds shy of another Lincoln Park Academy record, Dillon swam a time of 4:49.63 in the 500 yard freestyle. He earned 45 points and was awarded the LPA Swim and Dive “dog bone” after the meet. These are Dillon’s favorite events to compete in.

Dillion’s passion for swimming has kept him out of trouble and allowed him to make numerous friends, as well as learn how to persevere and work hard towards important goals. He realized the great potential he had after placing low at the 2022 State Championships. He stated that “It has given me motivation to get back there again and be at the top of the results.”

When asked about his long-term goals for his swimming career, Dillon responded, “My goals in the future for swimming are to make the Olympic Trials, earn a Division One scholarship to a good school, make “A” finals for high school states, and also make Futures this summer”. He also hopes to be a state champion one day. 

Managing school, athletics, and a social life can be difficult, as mentioned by Spooner. He explains his lack of available leisure time while juggling different aspects of his life. Despite this, he has been able to obtain many valuable skills, including dealing with adversities. 

Outside of swimming, Dillion enjoys sleeping, hanging out at the beach, and fishing. His favorite subject in school is world history. 

Dillion’s excellence in swimming and good management of school and life responsibilities make him the athlete of the month!


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