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Athlete Spotlight - Jaden Peterson

For some, golf may just be a fun weekend activity that people assume requires few skills. However, for others, golf is a passion and a way of life. One of these individuals is Jaden Peterson, an aspiring golf star who hopes to become a professional golfer in the future.

Jaden Peterson preparing for a swing on the golf course.

Sports Editor Sydney Daniel spoke to freshman Jaden Peterson about his 11-year golf career. During this time, Jaden has been able to gain different values from the sport he is passionate about, including patience, accepting defeat, and persevering through difficult moments.

When prompted with the question about his background in golf, he stated that, “I started playing when I was 4. It began one day when my parents were playing a golf tournament on the TV, and I was intrigued. I often would go into the closet, find my great-grandfather’s golf clubs and try to use them to swing and even walk. When my parents saw this, they bought me plastic clubs to practice with and ultimately decided to bring me to a golf course, where I met my first coach. Ever since then, I have been playing golf.”

Playing for years, Jaden truly realized his potential after finishing 5th at the Boys 12 World Championships. He also said, “Winning the Player of the Year Award and qualifying for the high school state championships during the same year, in 2022, made me realize my potential even further.” These accomplishments only proved further how gifted Jaden is in his passion.

As I am sure any student athlete can attest to, balancing the academics amongst the athletics can be pretty challenging. However, Jaden has made it clear that it is important to create priorities to allot time to the things he wants to complete. He says, “Balancing my activities is all about time management. I want to be able to practice for 5 hours each day, but I also continue to understand the importance of school.”

Jaden’s passion has not only allowed him to experience the world of golfing, but he has also been able to learn a lot from playing. He has been able to meet numerous individuals and gain a lot of friendships with others that he hopes will last a lifetime.

One of his recent endeavors was the Saint Lucie County Championships, which took place on August 30th at Fairwinds Golf Course in Fort Pierce. Jaden was once again victorious and collected his 3rd consecutive victory at this championship. He expresses that he played very well, despite the harsh windy conditions.

Jaden hopes to pursue his passion further in the future by hopefully receiving a golf scholarship to a Division 1 university and later have a professional career in golf.


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