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Coach Adams: An LPA Legend

Coach Adams is incredibly significant to LPA. He has been coaching boys’ and girls' basketball for almost thirty years, but many people don’t know Coach Adams has a personal history with Lincoln Park Academy.

During the time he was three to eleven years old, Coach Adams lived right across the street from LPA. He used to get home from school and “stand out watching the band practice and walk over watching the football team practice.” But this isn’t where Coach’s connection with the school stops.

Coach Adams is not the only one in his family who went to LPA. His sister and both his parents went to LPA. Adams’s mom played on the women's basketball team and graduated in 1957. His dad played football. Also, his father graduated in 1951.

Coach Adams is an integral part of LPA and has spent much of his life attending the school and then working here. His family’s legacy is alive and proud, making all of them, including Coach Adams an important part of LPA’s past, present, and future.

Coach Adams's Father as a player on LPA's football team.

Coach Adams's Mother as a member of the LPA girls' basketball team.

By Joana Dolbeth Rodrigues De Sousa Viralhadas


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