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EPC Participates in Beach Cleanup

On March 5th, the Lincoln Park Academy Environmental Protection Club made a trip to Pepper Park Beach to gain a better understanding of local environments and take part in cleaning up litter.

Pepper Park Beach in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The club members were led by their faculty advisor and several local environmental experts who guided them in identifying the various plants and animals that call the beach home.

The trip was intended to be both educational and impactful, allowing students to appreciate the delicate balance of the ecosystem at the beach while also giving them an opportunity to help protect it. Armed with gloves and trash bags, the students combed the beach, picking up any debris they found in the sand or along the shoreline.

The club's 2022-2023 president, Myrah Bracero, noted the importance of taking action to protect the environment, stating, "This will serve as the Annual Greyhound Beach Cleanup that we have every March, starting last year. This means any and all from LPA is more than welcome to attend! As it is a beach clean up, you will receive 3 hours for attending and hope to see any greyhounds then! If you do plan on coming, please please please come in outdoorsy clothes, wear sunscreen, and have a ride there at 3!”

The group collected bags of trash, including plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and food wrappers. They made sure to properly dispose of the litter, recycling what they could and throwing the rest away in designated bins.

The trip was a success, both in terms of its educational value and its impact on the environment. The students left with a newfound appreciation for their local ecosystem and a sense of pride in doing their part to protect it. The Environmental Protection Club hopes to continue taking action in the community to help keep the planet healthy for future generations.

Club advisor, Mr. Sullivan, expressed his pride in the students' hard work, saying, "It's great to see our students taking a proactive approach to environmental protection. By taking action, they are setting an example for others to follow, and making a real difference in the world around us."


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