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Homecoming Carnival

With the help of volunteers, teachers, and staff, on November 30th, the middle school parking lot turned into this year’s Homecoming Carnival! Students met for a fun day to enjoy food, drinks, games, and an overall break from stressful day-to-day classes.

From one-minute poems to bounce house racing, this was an event for everyone to enjoy. Volunteers ranging from freshmen to seniors tirelessly manned each station, making sure the carnival ran smoothly. Some giving true dedication and staying on the clock the entire time, sacrificing their own time in the festivities.

The event served as more than just a day of entertainment; it was a fundraiser for various school initiatives. The proceeds from ticket sales and concessions will support extracurricular activities, academic programs, and community outreach efforts.

As the clock got close to 1:30, the fun was over. The HOCO Carnival provided a platform for fun and bonding, as well as a way to have a good time with your friends before semester exams. We all need a break (administration included) to focus on more than schoolwork, and the HOCO Carnival gave us that. I and others are already on edge of our seats waiting for the list of activities for next year’s HOCO Carnival.

By Jasmine Agenor



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