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IB Student Committee Formed

Lincoln Park Academy, an IB World School, has taken an exciting initiative to promote student engagement and morale post-pandemic: The IB Student Committee, formed to revamp the IB experience at LPA.

The school has recently formed an IB Student Committee to plan and execute fun activities for students in grades 9-12 as a reward for the academic rigor of the program. The committee's focus is to give students an opportunity to unwind and relax, to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

The IB Student Committee is comprised of a group of dedicated students who have taken the initiative to give back to their peers. The committee's vision is to create a community where students can come together and have fun, without the pressure of academic rigour. The committee's aim is to enhance students' overall experience at school and to show them that their hard work is recognized and appreciated.

The idea behind the committee's formation is to give students a break from their demanding academic schedule and allow them to enjoy themselves. The pandemic has added an extra layer of stress on students, making it important to create opportunities for them to have fun and enjoy life. The IB Student Committee recognizes this, and is dedicated to promoting a sense of community and belonging, even during these challenging times.

The committee is working hard to plan events that are both enjoyable and safe for students. Activities such as movie nights, outdoor sports, and game tournaments are just a few examples of the committee's plans. The events will provide a much-needed break from the academic demands of the IB program and give students a chance to connect with their peers.

The formation of the IB Student Committee is a positive step in the right direction for Lincoln Park Academy. It shows that the school administration recognizes the importance of students' mental and emotional well-being. The committee will provide an outlet for students to unwind and connect with their peers, something that is especially important during the pandemic.

The formation of the IB Student Committee is a promising development for Lincoln Park Academy. It shows that the school is committed to supporting students beyond their academic achievements. By providing opportunities for students to have fun and unwind, the committee is promoting a positive school culture and reinforcing the importance of work-life balance. It is a testament to the school's dedication to the success of its students and their well-being, even during challenging times.


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