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IB Students Celebrate Their First Field Day

On April 6th, 2023, students of LPA's International Baccalaureate program came together at the campus' athletic facilities to take part in the First Annual LPA IB Field Day.

Much laughter and happiness could be seen when the IB students came together to celebrate the event. Grade levels competed against each other, with freshmen wearing pink, sophomores in grey, juniors in red, and seniors in blue. Even though the spirit of competition was in the air, most students much more enjoyed connecting with each in these friendly competitions, thus creating a stronger bond within the IB community.

Students participated in many exciting activities such as the three-legged race, Green-Light Red-Light, Tug of War and more. However, the one event intended as a fundraising activity for the IB program was the pie-throwing challenge which allowed students to pay to throw pies at their teachers. Many expressed joy as they got the chance to see the faces of their pie-ridden teachers.

Prior to the Field Day IB students held a fundraising event to help finance the event. A week before the event, the IB Student Committee held a fundraiser at Blaze Pizza collecting enough money to host Field Day. Without the strong efforts of the committee, and their Club Sponsor, Ms. Rosana Gonzalez, IB field day would not have been possible.

By the way, at the end of the day, the Sophomore Class victoriously won and took home the spirit of victory.


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