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Interview with LPA's New Principal: Dr. Michelle Herrington

On August 29, 2023, editor-in-chief, Daniella Fernandez, interviewed Dr. Herrington, the new principal of Lincoln Park Academy. with some questions concerning her introduction as a new principal at Lincoln Park Academy and her future expectations and plans for the new school year.

When Daniella discovered Dr. Herrington was an alumna of LPA, the first question asked was “How was your experience from graduating Lincoln Park Academy?”

Dr. Herrington shared she was in the IB Program and believed she had a great experience. “I think what made it so special is that I had some great friends that I'm still friends with till this day”.

She further went on to explain “Since Lincoln Park is a smaller school, students have more opportunities to get to know and create connections with their graduating class, making it a tight knit community.”

When asked about changes she would like to see at LPA in the near future, she responded, “I want to have a healthy balance of academic rigor and fun. The academics are what propel you for success, but the memories are what stay with you after you graduate.”

Dr. Herrington even gave us a sneak peek at future events she was planning for the school, “We’ve already started to plan a bunch of really cool events; carnivals, pep rallies, talent shows, etc.”

It is also Lincoln Park Academy’s Centennial – one hundred years of rich history and legacy in Saint Lucie County. When asked how Dr. Herrington felt celebrating this momentous milestone, she shared “We actually have a lot of cool ideas that the staff will come together and meet for. One of the ideas we are looking at is to possibly create a shirt that has the yearbook cover of every yearbook that we have” which would showcase one hundred years of school.

There are also important alumni of Lincoln Park Academy that may be included in the celebration. “We also want to have some events that bring alumni back especially because it is near and dear to this community because of its rich history”, Dr. Herrington shared.

And that’s the truth. Lincoln Park Academy is a jewel in the crown of Saint Lucie Schools. Our history is rich and important to Fort Pierce and the county. According to Dr. Herrington, we stand out because “We are a public school offering private school education. So you're going to swim in a sea of people at the other high schools, unlike at LPA where we have a small class with a tight knit community of teachers and students, which is what you would get at a private school.” This has been the mission of LPA for quite some time.

We ended the interview by asking Dr. Herrington, “If you could say anything to students or staff what would you say?” Taking a moment to think about it, Dr. Herrington replied,

“Make the most of your memories built here, but most importantly, be kind to people. Having lived here my entire life, I found that people you interacted with when you were 16, come back and interact with you when you are 40. And you want to be remembered as someone who was kind and cared for others.

And to the school staff,” She continued, “we have amazing teachers and administrators here, and I am so very grateful for them and their hard work.” It is clear from the interview that Dr. Herrington is committed to keeping Lincoln Park Academy as a school of greatness, one that encourages not only academics, but also community. Our alma mater echoes Dr. Herrington’s sentiment and goals:

In its halls of grandeur,

There we will always find,

The love and service,

Of the heart, hand, and mind.

Long live dear Lincoln,

May she spread from pole to pole,

And give knowledge to the hungered soul.

We look forward to a new school year with our new principal, Dr. Herrington.


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