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Join the LPA Chess Club!

Greyhounds, the Chess Club is up-and-running once again at LPA with Mr. Flynn as its sponsor, Ian Navas as its “Chessident,” and Noah Fox-Goodman as its “Vice Chessident”! Chess is one of the oldest and most famous games since its introduction, and this beloved game has come back to LPA.

Beginner players Tiffany Campbell (right) and Zoya Mukhamedov (left) playing against each other in a friendly match.

The club started when Mr. Flynn began to see many of his students playing chess on their phones during their free time, and thought, "Hey, maybe I should start a chess club!” One other reason Mr. Flynn sponsored the club was, “to bring together those with like minds who have a love for the game.”

Chess has many benefits, some of which include improved memory, better planning skills, increased creativity skills, decreased risk of dementia, and improved ADHD symptoms, according to an article by Healthline. Also, this club is all about having fun and learning the rules of chess, so try it!

If you are interested in joining the Chess Club, please contact Mr. Flynn in MS 207, on teams, or email him at Another and more reliable way is to contact our “Vice Chessident” Noah Fox-Goodman through Teams. We hope to see you there, Greyhounds!


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