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Key Club Leaders Attend Kiwanis Club Conclave

The Key Club at LPA recently attended the 2nd Annual Key Club Conclave event at Indian River State College on March 8.

Key Club members (front to back: Victoria Velasco Contreras, Jaimy Ponceti, Megan Pinto, Madison Adkins, Kayln Allen, Faith Mobley, Jeno Retutal, Nachbi Pierre, and Carmela Bustamante) at the conclave.

The 2nd Annual Conclave provided students with the opportunity to network with Key Clubs at other schools and in the district, gaining insights and ideas on how to help their communities and make their own Key Club more effective in community impact.

The event was a great success, with LPA Key Club members meeting and interacting with students from other schools. They were able to share their experiences and learn from each other about what worked and what didn't in their Key Club activities. Students exchanged ideas about community service projects, fundraising, and leadership opportunities.

There were also keynote speakers who shared inspiring stories and messages about the importance of community service and leadership, most notably the Indian River State College president, Dr. Timothy Moore, who spoke about the opportunities the college can offer students if they choose to attend. Dr. Moore and other leaders in the community motivated the students to continue making a positive impact in their communities and to strive for excellence in their Key Club activities.

Overall, the Key Club Conclave was a valuable experience for the LPA Key Club members, who came away with new ideas and inspiration for their club activities. They were able to connect with other students who share their passion for community service and leadership and gained insights and skills to help them lead their Key Club more effectively.


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