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Lincoln Park Academy Holds First IB Breakfast

Fort Pierce, FL - Lincoln Park Academy held its first International Baccalaureate (IB) Breakfast this morning, marking an exciting new tradition for the school. In years past, since the pandemic, many events had come to a halt or been postponed. School spirit has been at an all-time low and the IB Student Committee has endeavored to change that by planning fun events for students to engage in. On October 2, 2023, the IB Student Committee decided to switch things up and host a breakfast specifically celebrating the academy's IB program.

The IB Breakfast invited IB students from grades 9-12, along with IB teachers, to come together over breakfast provided by the IB Student Committee’s sponsor, Ms. Slocum. It serves as both a community bonding event as well as a way to recognize the hard work and achievements of Lincoln Park Academy's IB scholars.

"We are so proud of our IB program and students," said Dr. Harrington in her opening remarks. "This breakfast is a small way we can show our appreciation and excitement for all of your accomplishments."

IB Coordinator, Ms. Norcia, said the breakfast also gets students enthusiastic about the unique opportunities provided by the challenging IB curriculum. "Our students put in so much effort and time to excel in IB courses. This event is to celebrate [IB students] and get them motivated" she said.

IB students, IB teachers, and the IB coordinator attended the breakfast which featured speeches from administrators and an array of socializing and interacting. The atmosphere was lively and upbeat. This also gave the IB upperclassman a change to get to know and advise the IB lowerclassmen, giving way to a new mentorship program in the works.

"I'm so glad we started this new tradition," said LPA junior and IB student, Camille Anoos. "It really makes IB students feel special and gives us a chance to connect as a community."

Based on the excitement and success of this inaugural event, it seems the IB Breakfast is here to stay at Lincoln Park Academy. The school looks forward to honoring their exceptional IB scholars at the breakfast for many years to come.


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