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A Masquerade Prom Was To Be 2023

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, Lincoln Park Academy’s prom was held at the Meadow Woods Golf & Tennis Club in Fort Pierce. It was a night full of excitement and good times.

The theme was “Masquerade” which was produced by the Junior Class President, Ms. Emma Rizzo, with the support of High School Student Council. She was responsible for much of the amazing theming and decorations that the attendees experienced.

When going up the steps to the venue, you were immediately taken in by the Masquerade theming. Ms. Rizzo wanted to keep the prom theme as a fun surprise for the guests. And it worked! There were masquerade masks which students and chaperones alike gladly wore. There were multiple photo opportunities and booths available to be able to capture the essence and memories of the evening,

The event started at 7 pm and went on to 11 pm. During the festivities, there was a lot of dancing, singing, drinks, food, photos, and fun times. Everyone showed up ready to celebrate in their best-dressed clothing!

The most anticipated moment of the evening came with the announcement of the Prom Queen and King. These titles went to seniors Sonaya Dasilva and Christian Conrad respectively. With the support of their friends, the couple shared a dance on the floor. It was definitely the highlight of the night, a beautiful night to remember.


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