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LPA Bowling Senior Night

On the afternoon of October 19th, the LPA Greyhound bowlers competed against Jensen Beach High School for their senior night. During this time, the Falcons’ seniors were also recognized. Our bowling team consists of three seniors who have a passion for their sport.

From left to right, Ashley Acebo, Camila Alarcon, and Mark Henderson


Ashley Acebo only started her bowling career this year but has made the most of her time. While reflecting on her season, she expressed how it was “A bit of a roller coaster,” and “a great experience to meet new individuals.” Although it was only her first year, she was able to grow an amazing relationship with her team, utilizing her seniority in order to provide her teammates support. One of Ashley’s challenges was making sure to divide her schoolwork from her athletics, in order to delegate the appropriate amount of dedication and time to each. A last comment from Ashley was that her senior year as a whole was “overwhelming, each day is a whole new adventure.”

The next recognized senior was Camila Alarcon. This season marked her second year being on the team, which she expressed was a good experience. She liked being the oldest and acting as a role model to her teammates. She said that her relationship with her team was “pretty good and full of support.” Her strategy to combat being a student athlete was making sure that her weekends were empty to be able to recharge before the following week began. When asked for thoughts on senior year she stated, “Do your best to stand out to colleges.”

The last senior on the team is Mark Henderson. He has been bowling for two years and claims that his biggest competition is his own teammate, Camila. “This season was a lot of fun!”, Mark stated. He also had a tight knit relationship with the Greyhound team and provided a lot of support. Reflecting on senior year, he thinks that it has been great, and he cannot wait to see what comes next.

By Sydney Daniel



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