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LPA Recognizes Brandy Montgomery – Lady Greyhound Record Breaking Basketball Player

On Thursday, November 30th, Lincoln Park Academy came together to recognize three former Lady Greyhound basketball players. One of which is current beloved English teacher and assistant basketball coach, Ms. Montgomery.

Ms. Montgomery came to LPA in seventh grade and played varsity girls basketball until her senior year. Over the course of her high school basketball career, Ms. Montgomery scored 3,000 points – a record for LPA – the most in the school’s history. As a starter, Ms. Montgomery accomplished a lot just in her high school years. According to Ms. Montgomery, during her senior year, “I was averaging 30 points a game”, showing her skill and accomplishments in her high school basketball career.

With all this talent, she obviously had many scholarships and colleges asking her to join them. Out of all the offers she had, she narrowed it down to Auburn University.

After college, Ms. Montgomery went on to play basketball overseas in Europe. She was on teams in Romania, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Greece. Ms. Montgomery closed her season in Greece because of COVID, choosing to be near her family.

Originally, Ms. Montgomery planned to only take one season off from her basketball career, and in her off-time she coached the LPA basketball team with Coach Adams. During that time, she began substituting for a high school English position. After a year, she was hired to be a teacher and the official volunteer coach. Now, Ms. Montgomery has been here as a teacher for three years and will become the head basketball coach when Coach Adams retires.

In her experience of going from basketball to teaching high school English, Ms. Montgomery wanted to emphasize that one thing stays the same: the ability to work hard and be disciplined. “It is the key thing in whatever you decide to do”, Ms. Montgomery stated, and there is always room to improve and be the best you can be.

Congratulations to Ms. Montgomery on her jersey retirement! LPA is lucky to have Ms. Montgomery as a valued teacher and assistant basketball coach.


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