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LPA’s Bowling 2023-2024 Bowling Season Comes to a Close

Our LPA Greyhound bowlers had an intense season this school year. The team consisted of three seniors and a variety of middle and high school students. All of the team expressed the abundance of support and collaboration that was given during the season.

The boys’ roster consisted of Dillon Drew (6), Walker Myers (7), Alex Drew (8), Blake Yetter (8), Jeremiah Henderson (9), Malachi Henderson (9), Jackson Starling (9), Gabriel Bunt (11), Mark Henderson (12). The girls’ roster included Ashlyn Belisle (6), Abigail Cason (6), Jocelyn Young (6), Dakota Young (8), Ashley Acebo (12), Camila Alarcon (12).

The appointed captain of the team was Malachi Henderson. He expressed how being the leader of the bunch was great because of the ability to “inspire and uplift my teammates.” When asked about his connection with the team he said, “my teammates love me, and I love them.” He, as well as many, said that the ultimate bond of their connection was relying and depending on each other to perform their best each game. Jeremiah Henderson stated that the team was “full of good vibes,” and Jackson Starling described the team as a “mini family.” Jocelyn, Ashlyn, and Abigail all agreed that the season had been pretty good and that everyone had a strong relationship.

The Greyhounds’ season ended on October 24th after placing 6th out of 13th. Way to go Greyhounds!

By Sydney Daniel


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