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LPA Students Plan Halloween Costumes

As a new month of October rolls around new costume ideas for spooky season emerge as well. This year the newspaper staff decided to interview students on their future costume ideas for Halloween. Many were unsure of what they were planning to dress up as, however, other students were certain about what they were going to wear. Some students described that they wanted to dress up as a character in their favorite video games, such as Mario and Mortal Kombat. Others decided to take the scarier route and choose characters from their favorite horror movies such as Chucky and The Purge. Surprisingly, other students decided to dress up as their role models. One student explained how he was going to dress up as his friend because he was his “Superhero” and role model in real life. Another student explained he was going to dress up as one of his favorite soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo. The many answers we received only prove that this year will be one for the books when it comes to Halloween costumes.


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