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LPA Students Prepare for the SAT School Day

As students across the nation prepare for the college application process, Lincoln Park Academy is offering an opportunity for its juniors to take the SAT without leaving their own classrooms.

On March 1st, LPA will administer the SAT to its entire junior class, allowing students to take the exam during the school day and potentially gain an advantage in the competitive college admissions process. SAT School Day offers a number of benefits for LPA students.

For one, taking the exam during the school day eliminates the need for students to find time on the weekends or after school to take the test, which can be a significant barrier for many.

Additionally, by taking the exam with their peers, students can feel more at ease and support, potentially leading to better scores. Of course, the ultimate goal of the SAT School Day is to give LPA juniors a chance to excel in the college admissions process. A strong SAT score can open doors to top universities and scholarships, potentially setting students up for lifelong success.

The school is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the exam can be administered safely, with social distancing measures in place and mask-wearing requirements enforced. With this in mind, students can feel confident in their ability to take the exam and perform to the best of their abilities.

As the March 1st exam date approaches, LPA juniors are encouraged to prepare as best they can for SAT School Day. The school offers a variety of resources for SAT preparation, including practice exams, online study materials, and tutoring sessions. Lincoln Park also offers SAT prep club, where students can come together to not only prepare for the exam but support each other in the process.

For more information to join, contact Chase Wu on teams. With the right preparation, students can enter the exam feeling confident and ready to succeed. Overall, the SAT School Day is an exciting opportunity for LPA juniors to take an important step forward in their college aspirations. With the support of their school and their own hard work and dedication, students can aim for a bright and successful future.


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