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Meet The New MS Student Council Officers

On October 18th, 2023, interviewer Eliam Perez interviewed the new Middle School Student Council Officers about their goals and emotions for this school year. Middle school greyhounds were able to vote on October 5th and 6th during their social studies class. Before the voting started, everyone was shown a few presentations created by the candidates on why they should be elected.

  Nalani Smith, Saige Demontegnac, Kendal Cummingham, Sophia Arias (Left to Right)

The new Middle School Student Council members are Nalani Smith (President), Saige Demontegnac (Vice-President), James Baumgartner (Treasurer), Kendal Cummingham (Secretary/Public Relations), and Sophia Arias (Historian). They were asked 3 questions about their goals and feelings for this school year.


1. What made you run for your position?

Nalani Smith: "What made me run is for the better of the student body, also it's beneficial for any collage application/record."

Saige Demontegnac: "I ran for Vice-President to do something fun. I ran to help and encourage people to have more school spirit."

James Baumgartner: "I ran for this position just to get an idea of how hard it is to win."

Sophia Arias: "I originally ran for president, but nobody ran for historian so, I was offered this position, and I would like to help out."

Kendal Cummingham: “I chose to run for my position because I want to help my school and have more volunteer opportunities. Also, I want to be a part of making the school a better place.”


2. How do you feel now that you are in your position?

Nalani Smith: "I feel the same, I feel like I'm not better than anyone. I also feel like I should lead as an example for all students."

Saige Demontegnac: "I feel excited to start this position, and to help out."

James Baumgartner: "I feel powerful like I can help the students in any way I need to."

Sophia Arias: " Now being in my position I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to have a part in helping our school and helping our school help our community. Of course, I know that I won't be able to do all that much by myself, but I am glad that I can be a part of bringing help to the place I learn.”

Kendal Cummingham: “Now that I am in this position, I feel good about myself and how I am going to help my school. Although at the end of the day I am a student trying to make a change.”


3. What are your goals for this school year?

Nalani Smith: "I want to make this school year more fun, and I want more student involvement/school spirit. I want to guide the 6th,7th, and 8th graders throughout this school year."

Saige Demontegnac: "My goals are to make this schools year more fun and exciting for the student body."

James Baumgartner: "My goals are to make an average public school have a more luxurious feeling."

Sophia Arias: "My goals for the year being a part in the student council is to be able to help our community by volunteering and helping fellow greyhounds and the school as a whole. I want to help raise money so we can help people in need, and I also want to make the middle school experience better for other greyhounds and teacher."

Kendal Cummingham: “My goals for this school year are to have fun be productive and help make LPA a better place.”


Congrats to all the Student Council members and we look forward to having a fantastic school year!



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