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Music Review: Olivia Rodrigo

The new Olivia Rodrigo album Guts has hit music streaming services and made a dent! Olivia Rodrigo is a young artist who rose to fame with her past album, Sour. She has accomplished so much in the past few years with awards and more.

Early Career

Did you know that Olivia Rodrigo first started her career in acting? Olivia, who was born on February 20, 2003, first started her career in acting for the Disney Channel. She starred in many films and shows but was most known for her parts in Disney's Bizaardvark and High School Musical the musical series on Disney Plus. Although she started as an actress, she is no stranger to music. Olivia's song “Driver's License” broke Spotify's record twice, and Hit number one on the Billboard Top 100. Her past album Sour was a hit, when it came out in 2021 with 11 songs.

Guts World Tour

Guts just like Sour will be getting a world tour! The Guts world tour is set to go throughout North America and Europe. The tour will begin in early 2024 and will be visiting 34 U.S. cities, starting in Palm Springs and ending in Los Angeles. The tour will pass through Orlando, FL on March 5th and Miami, FL on March 6th. Get your tickets now!

Music Review

The Guts Album has 12 songs with “Vampire” being the most popular. As of October 4, 2023, “Vampire” has 436,097,459 listens on Spotify. The album is about Olivia finally recovering and coping after a harsh past relationship. Guts show strength and resilience within its lyrics. Many people find a lot of Olivia Rodrigo's music to be relatable, and so, there have been a lot of trends on the internet that use both Guts and Sour songs to bring people together. Guts is well written and amazing!


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