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Past Meets Future: LPA Centennial Career Expo

As part of Lincoln Park Academy’s Centennial Celebration, greyhound alumni from across the nation gathered in the media center to help current greyhounds navigate their futures. On November 13, juniors and seniors were afforded an opportunity to use their social studies class time to talk to various LPA graduates who offered information and advice on several careers. Flight attendants, occupational therapists, guidance counselors, lawyers, and firefighters were just some of the careers present at the LPA Centennial Career Expo. Even our esteemed principal, Dr. Herrington, was present, giving advice to students inquiring about educational leadership careers.

Informational tri-fold boards littered the media center, detailing information about each career’s salaries, work hours, degrees required, and pros and cons according to their respective representatives. Upon entering the event, students received a career expo passport that would guide them through the event. Each occupation had a spot for a signature, so they could keep track of the booths they had visited. Students learned about the many options they have, and that LPA is a catalyst for anyone to follow their dreams. Overall, the event linked LPA’s past and present together to create a meaningful experience for our greyhounds, whether they are graduating soon or already graduated years ago!


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