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Program Highlight - Cybersecurity

Each month we highlight one of the wonderful academic programs offered here at LPA. For September, we were able to speak with Mr. Mathison, the teacher for the cybersecurity program.

Mr. Mathison teaching to his cybersecurity class.

One of the programs available here at LPA is the Cybersecurity program. This course is taught by Mr. Mathison, who has been teaching at LPA for 18 years and has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

The first year of this program is a detailed look into all aspects of computers. In the second year, students train to be an IT technician by earning an A+ certification. This can lead to well-paying jobs straight out of high school.

Students do activities such as dissecting a computer, installing software, changing computer settings, and running multiple operating systems. The program is now extending into middle school with equipment such as drones and programable robots.

Last year, Mr. Mathison and the Cybersecurity students earned a grant of $170,000 to be able to expand the program.

When asked why students should consider this program, Mr. Mathison said, “Computing jobs are some of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs of today and will continue to be for years to come, and this program is the perfect gateway to these types of jobs.”


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