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The Adventures of Lincoln

Lincoln Parker has certainly been the star of the new school year at LPA. A loveable and friendly greyhound that every student is sure to have met. Although many people know of her, there is not much known about what she does when she’s not at school, or what she did before she came here. THE ADVENTURES OF LINCOLN is here to change that, as we bring you the scoop of Lincoln’s crazy and exciting life that goes on behind the scenes!

In terms of backstory, Lincoln is not your average dog! She is actually Irish and moved to America just this last March with her new loving family. Her life was somewhat difficult before. She was a race dog, which although illegal in most of America, is very common in Ireland. She retired at 3 years old and was sent to a family here, that of our very own principal, Dr. Herrington. She even went on a plane with her very own dog passport (Look it up it’s a real thing)! Now that she’s here with a family, there have been a lot of changes in her life, but it seems that she is very happy here.

One of the most popular aspects of Florida is the beach, but the beach is enjoyed by more than just humans. Lincoln spent this hot Florida summer in a very cool way, swimming in the sea! In fact, Lincoln loves to swim, and when she goes on a boat ride, she loves to throw herself off of the boat to take a swim or try to catch some fish (imagine what happens when a dog sees a squirrel). She is always safe though, as she gets her special doggy life jacket and leash on before she’s in view of the water. It turns out that a fast racer makes for a fast swimmer, which is a treat to witness.

School has been an interesting experience for Lincoln, too. She seems to be happy meeting all our wonderful students, although it is often exhausting. We are very happy to say that every interaction with students has been positive and safe, and made Lincoln feel at home here at her namesake school. One thing that people may not know is that she acts very differently when at school and on a leash than when she does not have a leash on at home. According to Dr. Herrington, at school she is often timid, but at home (after she takes a nap) she has bundles of energy! I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this greyhound.

This section of our newsletter will continue to update you with any exciting activities partaken by Lincoln, as well as some useful fun facts, like favorite snacks or interactions with her dog friends. Hopefully everyone here had as wonderful a summer as Lincoln, and a just as amazing welcome to school! Even though you probably can’t catch Lincoln, make sure you catch us on our next episode, on THE ADVENTURES OF LINCOLN!


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