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The Adventures of Lincoln: Episode 2

It’s that time again! Time to catch up with the one and only Lincoln Parker, on our second episode of THE ADVENTURES OF LINCOLN! Since our last episode, Lincoln has been getting herself more involved in everything at LPA and had quite a few special events, such as her birthday and Halloween!

Lincoln’s 4th birthday was October 6th, which she spent having fun at Jetty Park, running around as she loves to do. She got to indulge in some special birthday treats as well, including one of her favorite foods, premium uncured salami!

Another example of Lincoln’s hijinks was when she came to school on the 16th of October and was disappointed to see nobody there ☹. In fact, on that day, the campus was completely and totally empty, so it was just her and our principal, having a peaceful little walk. Even though she missed her friends, she still seemed to have a fun time exploring the school in silence and took some very funny pictures you can see on Instagram.

Lincoln has of course, also been keeping very busy, going to practically every after-school event and showing her immense greyhound pride. She has been to many sporting events and got to support orchestra, band, and chorus! And yes, she actually comes in and watches all of these events! Of course, she can’t use one of the human chairs, but in the auditorium, you can see her standing up and enjoying the show from our very talented LPA performers!

For Halloween, Lincoln also had a lot of fun, dressing up as Super Girl! Hopefully she won’t mind me revealing her secret identity… She absolutely rocked the costume, and it was a very fitting choice, as anyone who’s seen her run can tell you she already has the superpower of super speed!

It’s incredible to see how Lincoln continues to care so much about our school, and her dedication is an inspiration to us all. As we approach the end of the year, make sure to stop by next time to see how Lincoln spends her holidays. We wish her and you a warm winter break!

By Bryan Arias


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