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The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

What is it?

Dual Enrollment is program at LPA in which high school students can take classes at Indian River State College (IRSC) in exchange for both college and high school credit. This free program enables students to take advanced classes pertaining to their specific interests. Students are permitted to take 60 credit hours of classes throughout their high school career, giving them the opportunity to earn an associate degree.

Why should you do Dual Enrollment?

When applying to colleges, dual enrollment classes indicate that the student is capable of handling challenging coursework. These classes are given extra weight in a student’s weighted GPA, like AP or IB classes. Since dual enrollment classes are free, students can finish college quicker and cheaper. Dual enrollment also provides flexibility for students. A student’s classes at LPA will be abbreviated to leave room for college classes, and students can choose to take college classes at a variety of times or even online. College classes also give students more voice in what classes they take. Students choose a “track” at IRSC that can lead into what they want to major in, and they can take classes pertaining to that major.

How do you start?

To be in the Dual Enrollment Program, a 3.0 unweighted GPA is required. If you are interested in taking dual enrollment classes, meet with your high school counselor to see if you are eligible. They will provide specific instructions on how to apply at IRSC.


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