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The Homecoming Carnival

For many of us who returned to school after a pandemic when everything was shut down, school spirit activities have been foreign. However, this year changes are coming. We officially are having a Homecoming Carnival, something unheard of in all of my seven years at LPA. I hope you are just as excited as I am for this day of fun!

The Homecoming Carnival will be during school hours on November 30th, leading up to the Homecoming night. It is sponsored by the IB Student Committee and is open to everyone in both high school and middle school. It will be almost entirely student directed, as most of the of the events and booths will have been created by our very own LPA clubs, sports teams, and grade level groups! This will provide a great opportunity for fundraising and cooperation to develop great ideas to enrich LPA, as they already do. If you are a part of a club or other group make sure to ask what they will be doing for the event. A few examples of things you can expect are a Kona Ice Snow Cone Truck, bounce houses, and a cookie decoration station. Each booth will require tickets, which you will purchase before the carnival for $1. There will be a lot to do, so make sure to come prepared with tickets! This will be a very fun event, don’t miss it!


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