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The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Coach Wendall Adams


On Friday, January 12th, the Lady Greyhound Basketball team faced off against West Prep Academy. However, this was no ordinary game. In winning this game, Coach Wendell Adams will have achieved 500 wins over the course of his coaching career – an impressive milestone.


Even though the game started off shakily, with the Lady Greyhounds down by just a few points in the first quarter, in the end they triumphed spectacularly, beating West Prep by over 20 points. They worked cooperatively, showing their impressive skill in passing, and spent much of their time shooting free throws.


As a team, the Lady Greyhounds reflect the ability of Coach Adams. He leads them well. Coach Adams is a passionate coach who develops his players into well-rounded individuals both on and off the court. Former player and assistant coach, Brandy Montgomery, shared that “Coach Adams is a well-respected coach who has built his program on the foundation of discipline and hard work, which has led to the success of both his players and his coaching career.”

If anyone is deserving of such an accolade as winning 500 games, it is Coach Adams.


Congratulations to Coach Adams and his great success!


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