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Woodwind Choir Advances to State

After fierce competition and imperative judgment, the woodwind choir

will advance to state competition!

LPA's Wind Ensemble at St. Lucie Centennial High School.

On Friday, January 27th, the woodwind choir and other ensembles went to St. Lucie West Centennial High School for Solo & Ensemble. There, they were challenged to play their absolute best with a piece conducted by their director Mr. Albert. 

While waiting for their turn to play, many students gathered in the cafeteria and practiced till it was time to play in front of their judge. It was clear that they wanted to do their very best and make each other proud. As it was time to go to the room where they would be judged, band members cheered each other on for what they had been preparing for. 

All this hard work paid off! The woodwind choir had a stunning performance and as said by many band members, “The best we have played so far.” The choir ended the day with a superior rating given by their judge and the word that they would advance to state. We are excited to see the woodwind choir play at states! We know they will do great! 


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